Aluminum glass door and windows rubber seal strip rubber gasket sealing strip

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Door and window sealing strip is mainly used in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other windows and doors. It plays a major role in dust-proof, pest control, waterproof, sound insulation, sealing etc.

With different shapes, different materials, or cold resistant, heat resistant, foaming, dense, and with special performance requirement of products, all can meet the needs of designing and using.

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aluminum glass door and windows rubber seal strip rubber gasket sealing strip


EPDM, PVC, Silicone or other rubber


Black, white, brown or as requirement

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1. Excellent weather resistance and good anti aging performance.
2. Water proof
3. Ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability


1. Could stop air, water and dust enter the machine system
2. Could protect the machine or parts to be healthy and working well


Industries, automobile, doors, window, machine and construction industry

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1. The obvious function is shockproof to reduce (or even display )door slam
2. Excellent heat insulation
3. Excellent sound insulation
4. Excellent sealed performance
5. The best advantage is high and low temperature, range -80 to 280 degree
6. It will prevent the mosquito and other bug to go into the door
7. High longitudinal strength, low compression set and low abrasion 

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Railcars, automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, construction machinery, construction bridge and tunnel etc.
1.automotive: door, truck, truck crap, window seals spacers for wheel wells, window weather striping
2.building products: curtain wall frames, OEM window seals, door seals slider door seals, tract and channel seals
3.window and door: various door seals, edge guards, egress window frames, garage door seals.
4.containers: drums, barrels, safes and case seals

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Packing and delivery

Packing: Carton box or Plastic bag, it can used in your requirement
Delivery: By express, By air, By sea
Delivery time: Usually 7-15 workdays, it also depands on your quantity.

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