DOWSIL™ Green Multiple Purpose Silicone Sealant

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One-part, room temperature, neutral cure, 100% silicone
● Conforms to GB 18583-2008, low VOC, low odor
● Conforms to GB/T 14683-2017, low modulus, high elasticity, resistant to UV
● Good adhesion to a broad of building materials, such as enameled pressed steel, glass,wood, concrete, aluminum, PVC and other most porous and non porous substrates


DOWSIL™ Green Multiple Purpose Silicone Sealant is a high performance neutral cure silicone sealant. It can be widely used for sealing in cabinet, foot line, partition, gaps in balcony and other indoor decoration applications. Also, it can be used for sealing in general industrial applications

Typical Properties

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Typical Properties


Proper XIONGQI design can reduce the stress on the sealant and help obtain optimal sealant movement capability, improve the ease of application, reduce cohesive failure, and minimize the effects of curing byproducts.

● Minimum joint width and joint depth: 6 mm.
● For larger joints, the width of the joint shall be larger than the depth of sealant.
● To avoid 3-sided adhesion, backer rod or non-adhesion tape should be used at the bottom of the joint to ensure that the sealant is only adhering to the edge of the joint and to ensure flexible movement in the joint.


Usable Life and Storage

When stored at or below 30°C in original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production.

Packaging Information

This sealant is supplied in 300 ml cartridges, 24 cartridges per carton. Please contact your local Dow sales office for related information.

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737 Neutral Cure Sealant (3)
737 Neutral Cure Sealant (4)
737 Neutral Cure Sealant (5)

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