EPDM rubber material can be used to make car doors seal strip

EPDM materials is widely used in many industrial seals and home window and door seals , the materials  EPDM seal strip has excellent anti UV effect, weather resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and other chemical resistance, it also have good insulation property & elasticity & other mechanical properties. This material character is better than other materials such as PVC.

EPDM seal strip is formed by Microwave curing process, ozone resistance, good elasticity, weather resistance, chemical resistance, compression deformation resistance, smooth surface appearance and  it can be used in the range of temperature from -40°C to +150°C, and other excellent property.

A. The rubber seals using range: the use of a wide temperature(-40~+120) compound EPDM compact and sponge including metal fixture and the tongue-shaped clasp.
B. The rubber seals function: seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust, water or air to leak inside the cabin.
It takes care of the door or body flange panel vairations and gives o smooth look from outside.
C. The rubber seals  feature: two kinds is available sponge bulb and dense rubber with flexible steel wire core.
sponge bulb and dense rubber with flexible segmented steel core.
D. Application: some kinds of car ,vehicle,yahcht, cabinet.
E. The rubber seals  specification the can make  the rubber  seals  according  to  your  requirements.

Car doors seal strip is mainly composed of EPDM dense rubber, EPDM foam rubber and high quality steel strip. After extruding the seal strip, the door seal strip is cut into different sizes and angles. Finally, a complete set of door sealing strips is made according to the angles of the metal plates on different doors. During installation, the U Department of dense and steel strip is clamped into the sheet metal. The foaming part is mainly used for anti-collision, sealing, dust-proof, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction when closing the door.

EPDM rubber seal strip has excellent UV resistance, weathering resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance. It is widely used in automobiles, trains, machinery and other fields. Xiongqi possesses advanced seal extrusion machine and automatic angle machine, having supplied high quality seal products for many customers. We can customize the production according to the customer’s drawings and samples.

EPDM Rubber material can be used to make car doors seal strip2
EPDM Rubber material can be used to make car doors seal strip1

Post time: May-15-2023