Silicone high and low temperature resistant sealing strip

Imported silicone high-temperature resistant sealing strips are processed through advanced technology. The main features are non-toxic, bromine-free, high and low temperature resistant (-60℃~380℃) and suitable for long-term use at high temperatures below 380℃.

Note: Special silicone rubber is temperature resistant (-60~380℃). Mainly include sealing strips for ordinary lamps, sealing strips for steam oven cabinets and other imported equipment, sealing strips for shaped pots, large rubber sheets for medical and health care, furniture machinery, etc.

sealing strip

◆High temperature resistant sealing strip

Features: It has excellent high and low temperature resistance, ozone and atmospheric aging resistance, as well as good dielectric, hydrophobic, physiological inertness and other characteristics. It is mainly used in machinery and other sealing parts with higher requirements. The operating temperature is -70 -380°C, and some special products can be lower than -100°C or higher than 380°C. The company's special fireproof door and window seals used on chemical ships have reached international standards.

The sealing strip produced using silicone rubber has a transparent, smooth appearance, is soft, elastic, non-toxic and odorless. It has good elasticity (Shore 10-75 degrees), high and low temperature resistance (-80℃-380℃), and is not easy to age, deform, and is resistant to slight acid and alkali.

In addition, it also has good performance in ozone resistance, solvent resistance, and electrical insulation. It is the first choice for seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronic, and mechanical industries.

The made tube has good high temperature resistance (200-380℃) and low temperature resistance, good physiological stability, good backlash deformation (not more than 50% in 48 hours at 300℃), and the breakdown voltage is ( 20-25KV/mm), ozone and ultraviolet resistance.

Widely used in medical diversion, electronics, lighter tubes, ignition gun tubes, wires and cables, machinery... Processed into sealing strips and flange rings, it performs well in drying equipment, especially on dryer doors. , which is more than three times the service life of ordinary rubber seals. Product specifications, specific colors and packaging requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

Post time: Oct-31-2023