Hydrophobic Rubber Waterstop for Concrete Joints

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Hydrophilic water stop is made from water-swelling rubber water line to the basis of the ordinary rubber
waterstop. The product will swell when contacted with the structures. As a result, the tightness is fastened between the water stop and water-proof performance is improved and the problem of circle seepage which puzzles people in a long time is solved. This series of products have been used widely in some key projects and have gotten excellent results.

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1. It is permanently active system, which swells up to approximately (150%~300%).

2. It is an ecological and user friendly system: simple and quick to install by means of gun nailing. 

3. The composition of bentonite water-stop prevents premature swelling.

4. The waterstop has a proven track record in water treatment plants, water purification plants, water tanks,  metro works and other concrete structures subject to high water pressure.

Rubber waterstop types

Commonly used sealing strip forms: 651 rubber waterstop, embedded rubber waterstop, outer rubber sealing strip, steel edged rubber water stop belt, rubber sealing strip ofwater swelling, P type waterstop, PVC plastic sealing strip, sealing plate.

According to the use condition, which can be classified as embedded rubber sealing strip and the back stick type rubber waterstop. According to the appearance of the form can be divided into CB type water stop belt (a hole in the center of medium buried Waterstop Strip), type CP (referring to an intermediate non porous medium buried waterstop), EP type water stop belt (also called outer sealing strip or back stick type waterstop, refers to the plaster intermediate pass free water stop belt), EB type water stop belt (waterproof outer with holes in the middle belt, also known as the outer sealing strip or the back stick type water stop belt.

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